Success Stories

What Teachers Are Saying:

  • “Mindfulness techniques provide our students and staff the ability to pause from their daily routines and acknowledge silence, reflect and calm themselves. It is a positive strategy for everyone.” – Elementary Principal, Flint
  • “Thank you so very much for making our school community a better place through your mindfulness presentations.” – K-8 School Counselor, Flint
  • “The kids are using it at home and even teaching it to their family members….many of them have reported times when things in their lives were not going well….and they used mindfulness to regroup.” – 3rd Grade Teacher, Fenton
  • “I saw a reduction in argumentativeness from and between kids and an increase in social skills and problem solving abilities.” – 5th Grade Teacher, Flint
  • “My teachers returned from the training saying that it was the most personally and professionally beneficial training they had ever attended.” – Principal, Swartz Creek