downsKerry Downs
Community School Director
Holmes STEM Academy (3-8)
6602 Oxley Drive Flint, Michigan 48504
Phone: 810-767-6606 | Email: kdowns@crim.org

Why did you want to serve in the role of Community Schools Director?
As an eighteen year veteran teacher of the Flint Community Schools, I am passionate about student success. During the pilot year of the Community Education Initiative, I had a front row seat to see the positive impact that our community partners had, not only in the day to day business at Brownell-Holmes, but also the connections that were made with students, their families and the neighborhood. While making the decision to step out of my role as classroom teacher was a difficult one, I am excited about the opportunity to have a stronger impact school-wide as I serve as the community school director at the Brownell-Holmes STEM Academy Campus. Our students, their families and our community are destined for greatness and I am looking forward to supporting their success.

What are you most excited about as Community Education expands this year in the Flint Schools?
As our Community Education Initiative expands this year in Flint, I am excited to continue the momentum in the partnerships we forged last year.  Helping to maintain those connections and create new partnerships in order to create opportunities for our students and our community is a responsibility that I do not take lightly.  I am looking forward to working with all of the stakeholders to make certain that we reach our goals as we re-establish Community Education in Flint.

Tell us something we might not know about you.
I am an alumna of the University of Michigan-Flint and I love seeing the growth of the University and our community since I attended school in downtown Flint.

Community Health Worker

Do you have difficulty getting yourself or your child(ren) to a doctor’s appointment? Does your child(ren) have asthma, diabetes, or any other chronic illness? We are here to help, contact your Community Health Worker today!

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